Conference room 300 E. 2nd Street

StrateFi Wealth Management Moves Into Ballpark Lane Executive Offices

Ballpark Lane Executive Offices is happy to welcome StrateFi Wealth Management to downtown Reno. StrateFi Wealth joins an excellent group of diverse and entrepreneurial businesses , right in the heart of downtown Reno.

StrateFi Wealth Management is a wealth management firm who enlists the right financial advisors for their clients in order to manage their clients’ wealth and important financial decisions. Having deeper conversations to pursue their clients’ goals and objectives together is what StrateFi Wealth Management delivers to their clients, year-in and year-out, allowing their clients to achieve financial independence and a life of their choosing.

StrateFi Wealth Management’s mission has remained the same: to empower their clients to continue making financial strides with StrateFi’s guidance, reaching their goals, and ultimately achieving financial independence. Through this mission, StrateFi has been able to meet their clients needs, goals and objectives, while providing an experience that is gratifying and fiscally rewarding.

“We are excited to have StrateFi Wealth Managements join our growing community of exceptional clients at Ballpark Lane Executive Offices,” said Pamela Pierson, Office Manager of Ballpark Lane Executive Offices. “Our new spaces, large conference room and striking views, all right in the center of downtown Reno, make an ideal location for hosting clients,” said Pierson.

StrateFi Wealth Management believes that every person has their own financial path. The wealth management company seeks to chart their client’s specific financial course together, creating a comprehensive road map to pursue life goals and aspirations.

“Ballpark Lane’s downtown location will allow our company to be within close proximity to our clients and the Reno community,” said Jason Sherr, Managing Partner of StrateFi Wealth Management.

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