Five Ways To Jazz Up Your Next Meeting

Is your meeting style feeling a little blah? Tired of the same old, same old? If this sounds like you then it’s time to add a little oomph to your next meeting.

But how?

Here are five ways you can liven up your meetings:

1) Icebreaker: Whether or not your attendees know each other, icebreakers are always a great way to start off strong. One way strategy: have each person share an accomplishment achieved before age 18. You may know who they are now but will learn how they got there with this one simple question!

2) Open with a joke: Seems like a no-brainer, and yet can you remember the last time you opened a meeting in this manner? Dig out your best dad jokes and warm up the crowd.

3) Make it interactive: Presenting the same old boring set of Powerpoint slides? Change it up by adding poll questions at the end of each segment. Make it a game – the person or team with the most correct answers gets a prize.

4) Snack break: Treat your attendees to fabulous food and watch as they get re-energized. Bring in high end treats so they’ll feel valued as well as refreshed.

5) Change up your meeting venue: Host your next meeting at Ballpark Lane Executive Offices! Our Boardroom seats 16 and has breathtaking views of Reno and beyond. Zoom-controlled for smooth presentations and outfitted with a Keurig, assorted coffee/tea pods and bottled water, your attendees will feel on top of the world!

We actually have ONE more tip for you! If you are looking for a place to host a productive meeting with breathtaking views of downtown Reno from the 15th floor, reserve the large conference room or small boardroom at the Ballpark Lane Executive Offices today!

Find out more about how Ballpark Lane Executive Offices can jazz up your next meeting! Call 775-446-3900 today!