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5 Efficiency Tips To Get The Most Out of Your Workday

As you try to maximize your productivity and get the most out of your day, here are five tips to help make that happen.

  1. Prioritize your tasks: Start your day by creating a to-do list with the most important and urgent tasks at the top. This will help you focus on what’s important and ensure that you complete your most critical tasks first.
  2. Minimize distractions: Identify the things that distract you the most and try to eliminate them as much as possible. For example, if social media is a big distraction, consider using a website blocker to limit your access during work hours.
  3. Take breaks: Taking short breaks throughout the day can help you recharge and refocus. Consider taking a walk outside or doing some stretching exercises to help you stay energized and focused.
  4. Streamline your processes: Look for ways to automate or simplify repetitive tasks. For example, you could use productivity software to help you organize your tasks or create templates for commonly used documents.
  5. Set boundaries: Learn to say “no” to tasks that are not essential or that you don’t have the bandwidth to complete. Setting boundaries can help you focus on your most important tasks and avoid burnout.

Ballpark Lane’s executive suites provide an ideal location to focus and get things done.  Contact us today for more information (775) 446-3900.

Greater Nevada Field Located Across from the Ballpark Lane Executive Offices

Ballpark Lane Executive Offices Hits 90% Occupancy

Reno, NV (November 4, 2021) Ballpark Lane Executive Offices, located in the heart of downtown Reno, is thrilled to announce its 31st lease, increasing occupancy to 90%.

“We are thrilled to have such an outstanding family of tenants across a variety of industries including tech, accounting, finance, film and property management,” said Pamela Pierson, Office Manager of Ballpark Lane Executive Offices. “This is a meaningful milestone for us and I’m grateful to have such an excellent group of diverse and entrepreneurial businesses here.”

Of the 35 offices at the Ballpark Lane Executive Offices, only four remain available for lease. The combination of high-quality amenities and an unbeatable location has led to the newest additions at the Ballpark Lane Executive Offices. The central downtown location across the street from Greater Nevada Field is a prime position to serve our rapidly growing business community.

In addition to executive offices, the meeting space and virtual office services are showing strong growth. “There is not a better location in Reno to host a meeting or establish a virtual office location,” said Pierson. “The views are outstanding, and the lobby provides a great sense of arrival.”

The top floor Class A fully furnished private offices offer a unique work environment for businesses and entrepreneurs looking to grow their business. The striking views from the 15th floor and new space and finishes make the Ballpark Lane Executive Offices an ideal place to work. This premier office workplace provides a substantial set of services including executive offices, virtual offices, conference rooms, and other office amenities such as secured parking, a new on-site fitness center, flexible term leases, and an on-site restaurant and coffee shop.

Ballpark Lane Executive Offices aims to provide the latest technology and services to its tenants while also providing exceptional customer service and helping the Northern Nevada business community grow and thrive.

For more information on Ballpark Lane Executive Offices visit

For office leasing inquiries, please contact Michael Keating 775.386.9727 or Michael Dorn 775.453.4436 at Logic Commercial.


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Algorithmic Intuition Moves into Ballpark Lane Executive Offices

Ballpark Lane Executive Offices is pleased to announce that Algorithmic Intuition will occupy seven offices at their downtown Reno location.

Algorithmic Intuition utilizes the most up-to-date technology to provide intelligent algorithms and software to make the most of sensors in consumer devices. In a world of ever smarter machines and devices, Algorithmic Intuition strives to close the gap that exists between the communication of the user and the device, deriving actionable insight for devices to better comprehend user’s needs.

“We look forward to Algorithmic Intuition joining us at the Ballpark Lane Executive Offices,” said Pamela Pierson, Office Manager at Ballpark Lane Executive Offices. “Ballpark Lane’s outstanding location, plentiful parking and striking views provide the perfect setting for Algorithmic Intuition to grow their business.   And I think they’ll be a great fit with our growing community of tenants at Ballpark Lane.”

Algorithmic Intuition believes that as our population ages, high quality care remains at the forefront of utmost importance and with proper care and monitoring, aging adults can receive the care they need to live comfortably in their own homes.

“We’re excited to get started in our new location,” said aid Dan Brown, CEO of Ai2. “Ballpark Lane allows us to hit the ground running and scale quickly as needed.”


About Algorithmic Intuition 

Algorithmic Intuition is focused on ways to close the gap between devices and the way we interact with them. The company develops deep-learning-based algorithms that recognize activity and vital information such as, heart rate, SpO2, respiratory, blood pressure, and fall detection.  From these algorithms, its products derive actionable insight for devices to better understand human needs, delivering more robust senior care solutions.

Conference room 300 E. 2nd Street

StrateFi Wealth Management Moves Into Ballpark Lane Executive Offices

Ballpark Lane Executive Offices is happy to welcome StrateFi Wealth Management to downtown Reno. StrateFi Wealth joins an excellent group of diverse and entrepreneurial businesses , right in the heart of downtown Reno.

StrateFi Wealth Management is a wealth management firm who enlists the right financial advisors for their clients in order to manage their clients’ wealth and important financial decisions. Having deeper conversations to pursue their clients’ goals and objectives together is what StrateFi Wealth Management delivers to their clients, year-in and year-out, allowing their clients to achieve financial independence and a life of their choosing.

StrateFi Wealth Management’s mission has remained the same: to empower their clients to continue making financial strides with StrateFi’s guidance, reaching their goals, and ultimately achieving financial independence. Through this mission, StrateFi has been able to meet their clients needs, goals and objectives, while providing an experience that is gratifying and fiscally rewarding.

“We are excited to have StrateFi Wealth Managements join our growing community of exceptional clients at Ballpark Lane Executive Offices,” said Pamela Pierson, Office Manager of Ballpark Lane Executive Offices. “Our new spaces, large conference room and striking views, all right in the center of downtown Reno, make an ideal location for hosting clients,” said Pierson.

StrateFi Wealth Management believes that every person has their own financial path. The wealth management company seeks to chart their client’s specific financial course together, creating a comprehensive road map to pursue life goals and aspirations.

“Ballpark Lane’s downtown location will allow our company to be within close proximity to our clients and the Reno community,” said Jason Sherr, Managing Partner of StrateFi Wealth Management.

For more information about StrateFi Wealth Management, click here, or call 949-345-8181

Greater Nevada Field Lit Up at Night

Liberty Company Insurance Brokers Open at Ballpark Lane Executive Offices

Basin Street Properties is pleased to announce that Liberty Company Insurance Brokers have opened their new Reno offices at Ballpark Lane Executive Suites.

Founded in 1987, Liberty Company Insurance Brokers is a privately held insurance brokerage firm that is licensed to operate in all 50 states. Liberty has established offices across the country, directed by leaders who promote the company’s mission – Promoting Peace of Mind with Great Care that focus on the values of Integrity, Excellence, Caring, Kindness, Fairness, Teamwork, Good Feelings and Fun!

Liberty has been awarded numerous awards that directly reflects such values, as Liberty has consistently been regarded as one of the most dynamic companies and best places to work in the insurance industry. Liberty’s awards include being a top 5 finalist in Business Insurances U.S. Broker Team of the Year award as well as one of the best places to work by the Los Angeles Business Journal. Furthermore, Liberty Company Insurance Brokers have been named one of the top 100 fastest growing companies in any industry in Los Angeles by the Los Angeles Business Journal

“We are extremely happy to have The Liberty Company as a tenant at Ballpark Lane,” said Pamela Pierson, Executive Office Manager of Ballpark Lane Executive Offices. “Ballpark Lane’s central location in downtown Reno provides numerous unique and new opportunities for The Liberty Company to expand and interact with their clients and the Reno community,” said Pierson.

Liberty Company Insurance Brokers aims to create value for all stakeholders by managing their stakeholder’s risks with absolute care and professionalism while implementing the industry’s best practices. Liberty offers commercial, personal, and specialty programs, all of which welcome new voices as the best way to thrive and grow.

“Ballpark Lane’s location in the heart of downtown Reno allows our office to be more accessible to our clients and will allow our company to be right in the middle of an expanding Reno market,” said Ryan Schield, lead insurance broker for Liberty Company Insurance Brokers’ Reno office.

For more information on Liberty Insurance Brokers, click here, or call 949-682-3097.

Ballpark Lane Executive Offices’ Grand Opening A Success!

We are pleased to announce a successful and enjoyable grand opening for the Ballpark Lane Executive Offices. Recently surpassing 50% occupancy combined with a continued reopening from the pandemic deserved an in-person celebration.

“From all of us at Ballpark Lane Executive Offices, we want to say thank you to our wonderful clients and the supportive members of the business community that attended the grand opening,” said Pamela Pierson, Office Manager of Ballpark Lane Executive Offices. “It’s rewarding to hear the positive feedback about the offices and it’s exciting to see the buzz about Ballpark Lane growing.”

“A big thank you to Mike Kazmierski, the President and CEO of EDAWN and Alex Stettinski, the Executive Director of the Downtown Reno Partnership, for attending,” said Mike Rossman, Executive Director of Ballpark Lane Executive Offices. “Mike and Alex are tireless advocates for Reno, and their teams are helping deliver a thriving community and successful businesses to downtown Reno.”

In addition to the delicious food and well-appointed new office space, it was enjoyable to able to congregate in person – something we have not been able to do for some time. “Being able to converse in person is both refreshing and necessary as we continue to transition back into normal, everyday lives,” said Pierson. “We look forward to hosting future networking events, trainings and community events at Ballpark Lane. We strive to provide a productive and inspiring space for our clients and be a resource for the Reno community.”

Susan Mantle covered the event and captured some excellent photos. Click/paste in the link below to view the photo gallery.

Crème Café and Catering provided delicious appetizers and drinks to accompany the event.

For office leasing inquiries, please contact Michael Keating 775.386.9727 or Michael Dorn 775.453.4436 at Logic Commercial.