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Coffee Shop Interviews are Passé

For those people who work remotely, interviewing potential new staff members can be tricky. If hiring local, many turn to their local coffee shop as a meeting place.

Edward Avila, the VP of Talent Acquisition at Alation, recommends avoiding this solution if at all possible. His reasons align more closely with a pre-Covid world, however, post Covid coffee shop interviews are still best avoided for many reasons, including noise and the unprofessional setting.

You want the best for your interview and we can provide it! Ballpark Lane Executive Offices has fully furnished day offices for rent. Each day office has both wired and wireless connectivity, access to the breakroom, and lends an air of respectability to your quest of new talent.

Our day offices are an affordable solution and start at $20 an hour. Call us at 775-446-3900 to book your spot today!

The Top 5 Advantages of a Virtual Office

What the Heck is a Virtual Office?

While it sounds like something that might be found in the metaverse, it’s much simpler and easier to access. A virtual office (sometimes known as an image package) provides you with a prestigious business address without the expense of leasing a physical office.

The Top 5 Advantages of a Virtual Office

1) You get a real business address without the cost of an office.

Better yet, with a Ballpark Lane Executive Offices package, you get one of the best business addresses in town. Just think of how good our address will look on your business cards!

2) No more commute.

Are you among the 25% of workers who find commuting to work one of the most stressful parts of their job? If so, a virtual office is most definitely for you. You’ll lower your stress level, paving the way to a smoother and more enjoyable workday.

3) Save money with a virtual office.

With a virtual office there is no need for an office lease and all the other associated costs tacked on to the rent of a physical office space. Your wallet will be happy and so will you.

4) Business support without hiring additional staff At Ballpark Lane Executive Offices.

You can opt to add a live answering service to your package. Additionally, our staff will accept your mail and notify you of receipt. Need help with a spreadsheet? You can utilize our staff to help out on projects at a much cheaper cost than hiring an extra staff member.

5) Access to meeting rooms.

Many of our packages include meeting room access, which means you won’t have to meet at a noisy coffee shop. By the way, our Zoom-controlled meeting rooms are sublime and include large flat screen TVs, whiteboards, coffee/water service, and secure wi-fi access.


What are you waiting for? Contact us today and sign up for a virtual office. We’ll help make you and your business look great!