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Algorithmic Intuition Moves into Ballpark Lane Executive Offices

Ballpark Lane Executive Offices is pleased to announce that Algorithmic Intuition will occupy seven offices at their downtown Reno location.

Algorithmic Intuition utilizes the most up-to-date technology to provide intelligent algorithms and software to make the most of sensors in consumer devices. In a world of ever smarter machines and devices, Algorithmic Intuition strives to close the gap that exists between the communication of the user and the device, deriving actionable insight for devices to better comprehend user’s needs.

“We look forward to Algorithmic Intuition joining us at the Ballpark Lane Executive Offices,” said Pamela Pierson, Office Manager at Ballpark Lane Executive Offices. “Ballpark Lane’s outstanding location, plentiful parking and striking views provide the perfect setting for Algorithmic Intuition to grow their business.   And I think they’ll be a great fit with our growing community of tenants at Ballpark Lane.”

Algorithmic Intuition believes that as our population ages, high quality care remains at the forefront of utmost importance and with proper care and monitoring, aging adults can receive the care they need to live comfortably in their own homes.

“We’re excited to get started in our new location,” said aid Dan Brown, CEO of Ai2. “Ballpark Lane allows us to hit the ground running and scale quickly as needed.”


About Algorithmic Intuition 

Algorithmic Intuition is focused on ways to close the gap between devices and the way we interact with them. The company develops deep-learning-based algorithms that recognize activity and vital information such as, heart rate, SpO2, respiratory, blood pressure, and fall detection.  From these algorithms, its products derive actionable insight for devices to better understand human needs, delivering more robust senior care solutions.